MVP applications are open!

Below is a summary of my online and offline contributions to Sitecore community in 2018.


Details of my Contributions in 2018

  • I have been working as a Sitecore Developer for 4 years.
  • Got Promoted to LEAD Sitecore Developer and relocated to Valtech New York City
  • I am working on the biggest Sitecore project of the world: LOREAL
  • Working together with other MVPs
  • Providing Sitecore Training to a team of 10 developers.
  • I am writing an ebook with Sitecore articles but it won`t get finished this year.
  • I am working with Sitecore DOCKER and am planning a Presentation on NY SUG in Feb.
  • Interesting amount of people contacted me from my Sitecore blog and I redirected them to Tamas/Jason to obtain official information.
  • I indicated developers from other areas to get the free trial license and apply for Sitecore positions.
  • It will be an absolute honor to be part of the MVPs 2019.
  • Beside all my passion for Sitecore, I am very determined and grow my Sitecore expertise is a must.
  • I believe with my contributions Sitecore community is getting stronger.
  • I am using my spare time to develop and maintain the Sitecore Module called Media Essentials.
  • Now moved to New York so moving to NY SUG



It is difficult to preview all!

I imagine I will be more focused but not limited to the following:

  • I want to keep researching and bringing docker solutions for Valtech so we can have Sitecore images ready to use.
  • Already created a study group for 8 developers to dedicate to Sitecore community.
  • I want to be keep increasing the functionalities of the Sitecore Media Essentials module.
  • This module has potential to get big and well known so I will put effort on it.
  • Present more topics on SUG. That requires good knowledge and I feel confident about this after 4 years.
  • Keep collaborating with the community as described

MVP Type I am Applying to:


Community Contributions



  • I have a presentation being scheduled – Topic is Sitecore Docker (date is to be defined, Transmitted online)
  • I wrote Sitecore articles on my new blog
  • I regularly help Sitecore to forward news and announcements on my blog, LinkedIn and my Twitter
  • In 2017 I developed a Sitecore Module called Sitecore Media Essentials with 3 big functionalities and in 2018 I am maintaining and slowly increasing the functionalities
  • I opened the source code of the module on GitHub
  • I collaborate to Sitecore.StackExchange providing good quality answers (reputation 749)
  • I used Slack to forward blog posts
  • I won’t stop!!!



  • Got promoted to LEAD Sitecore Developer and got relocated from Valtech Brazil to Valtech New York.
  • I work on the largest Sitecore project in the world: Loreal
  • Created a study group for 8 developer for Sitecore community collaboration in 2019
  • Started to write an eBook about Sitecore recipes (unfortunately it wont be finished this year)
  • Provided Helix training to 8 Sitecore Developers at Valtech NY office
  • I provided Sitecore Training to Clients
  • I assisted/assist new employees with their Sitecore first steps
  • Increasing SXA skills as is largely used on Loreal projects
  • I worked 8 hours (at least) a day developing with Sitecore
  • I work with a great number of well known MVPs (at Valtech global – France, US, Brazil, Canada, Germany…)
  • I increased my Sitecore connection to other developers from different Countries such as Australia, Canada, France.


THANK YOU SO MUCH and good luck for all applicants!