Sitecore Media Essentials – Upcoming Updates

After an awesome session at our SUGBR (┬áSitecore User Group Brasil, December 20th 2017 ) I managed to collect some interesting ideas to add new features to my Sitecore Media Essentials module. Initially, Sitecore Media Essentials was written on C# Webforms. So the first update to the module will be to re-write it in MVC. … Read moreSitecore Media Essentials – Upcoming Updates

Sitecore PowerShell Extensions

Just Sharing this awesome Sitecore Powershell Extensions module. Description below (this text is copied from module page) The module provides a command line (CLI) and scripting environment (ISE) for automating tasks. SPE works with the Sitecore process, capable of making native calls to the Sitecore API. Running commands and writing scripts follow the standard and … Read moreSitecore PowerShell Extensions

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