Automating Business Process with Sitecore Scheduled Tasks

If you are a professional Sitecore Developer I am sure that at certain stage you asked yourself if there is a feature to perform certain tasks at a specific schedule. Still if you have not thought about this your clients will ask you about it at certain stage šŸ™‚ Sitecore Database Tasks feature allows you … Read moreAutomating Business Process with Sitecore Scheduled Tasks

Sitecore Instance Manager

Sitecore is distributed as an .EXE or .ZIP file. The manual installation requires you to manually configure three logical components: Internet Information Services (IIS) Supporting file system for logging and data Relational Databases Sitecore Instance Manager (SIM) will do all this for you and provide brand new Sitecore Instances ready to use with a few … Read moreSitecore Instance Manager

CredSSP updates – Remote Desktop Temporary Solution

This is not really a Sitecore article however, as Windows user you might have your work affected by this issue. Latest Windows 10 update increased security and now we can only Remote Desktop to a server that is already updated as well. MORE: Some servers are not updated automatically for obvious reasons so if … Read moreCredSSP updates – Remote Desktop Temporary Solution

Setting Proper Targets on General Link Field – Sitecore 8x

I had this situation while working with Sitecore.NET 8.0 (rev. 160115)* and I want to share it to the community. A “General Link Field” provides “link” features so we can create links. Simple right? A while ago a noticed that it was not possible to set an internal link to be opened on same page. … Read moreSetting Proper Targets on General Link Field – Sitecore 8x

Sitecore Administration Tools

It is quite safe to affirm that every system needs someone who is responsible for the upkeep, configuration, management and working reliability of the system. In Sitecore it is quite common to see administrators accessing the /sitecore/admin/showconfig.aspx page to analyze what merged configuration patch was applied. Sitecore comes out of the box with an interesting … Read moreSitecore Administration Tools

Reset Sitecore Admin Password From DB Level

You might see around some different ways to reset admin password. For example by coding, by using a Sitecore Module and etc. This one is on database level and it works really well. Complete information on Sitecore.StackExchange but the SQL query is also below. Run this SQL on your CORE database and you will reset … Read moreReset Sitecore Admin Password From DB Level

Sitecore User Group Brasil – Presentation

Here is the SUG presentation of 20th December 2017. Topics: 1. Sitecore deployments Understanding and minimizing the risks – Jose Neto 2. Sitecore Media Library Management – Leonardo Cunha Feel free to share it and see you again in 2018!

More Power to Content Editors

Sitecore Content EditorsĀ  are responsible for all aspects related to the website content. This includes the management of definition items, writing or editing content, organization of items in the content treeĀ  and etc. They might work together with marketers and designers in order to create specific content and better user experience.Ā  The amount of activities … Read moreMore Power to Content Editors

How to solve “End of string expected at position 43.”

I was recently working on an Export module and had to deal with the following exception: End of string expected at position 43. This module was supposed to retrieve all child items of an specific item as you can see on the image below:       After debugging I managed I identified that his … Read moreHow to solve “End of string expected at position 43.”

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