Sitecore Instance Manager

Sitecore Instance Manager

Sitecore is distributed as an .EXE or .ZIP file.

The manual installation requires you to manually configure three logical components:

  • Internet Information Services (IIS)
  • Supporting file system for logging and data
  • Relational Databases

Sitecore Instance Manager (SIM) will do all this for you and provide brand new Sitecore Instances ready to use with a few clicks.

In addition to that, SIM also allows you to quickly install, locate, maintain, re-install or delete Sitecore products.

In my personal opinion using the SIM is the fasted way to get Sitecore up and running!

To download the SIM, as per other most of Sitecore products, you need to be a member of Sitecore Marketplace.

Please go to the following link to download it: Sitecore Instance Manager

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If you are also interested in reading the code and collaborate to SIM then you will note there is repository on GitHub.

That is because SIM 1.5 is an open source tool and you can find more details on


  • CMS 6.0
  • CMS 6.0.1
  • CMS 6.0.2
  • CMS 6.1
  • CMS 6.2
  • CMS 6.3
  • CMS 6.3.1
  • CMS 6.4
  • CMS 6.4.1
  • CMS 6.5
  • CMS 6.6
  • CMS 7.0
  • CMS 7.1
  • CMS 7.2
  • CMS 7.5
  • SXP 8.0

You will notice that despite the fact that Sitecore 9 is still not in the list SIM 1.5 DOES SUPPORT Sitecore 9.

Configuring SIM

In order to use SIM you will have to configure it first time only.

Follow the Initial Configuration Wizard and you will be prompted to set your local inetpub wwwroot folder (the IIS folder where the websites are!).

Next you will need to set where the folder containing the Sitecore ZIP is (you can have different versions of Sitecore in this folder) and where the Sitecore license file is.

Next, set the connection string accordingly. Use SQL Server login or if you uncheck this option SIM will create an Integrated Security Connection string for you.

Grant permission for Network Service on next screen and you are all set!

You will see the SIM options are very straight forward. It will already list Sitecore Instances already installed on your local machine and provide options to Install new Instances, download new Sitecore products and management options for each instance.

I hope that helps someone out there.

Please feel free to leave comments or questions.

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