Sitecore Administration Tools

It is quite safe to affirm that every system needs someone who is responsible for the upkeep, configuration, management and working reliability of the system.

In Sitecore it is quite common to see administrators accessing the /sitecore/admin/showconfig.aspx page to analyze what merged configuration patch was applied.

Sitecore comes out of the box with an interesting number of “Administration Tools”. Some of them are not most popular however, they might be of great value to an Administrator’s life. Weather you are analyzing or configuring the system for first time, these tools could save you many hours of work.

Soon I will create a few posts specific to some of these tools but without further delays, below is the list of Sitecore Administration Tools for Version: 1.1.0 rev. 160727.  More tools could be found in the /sitecore/admin folder of your Sitecore project.

I hope that helps someone!


An overview of the caches

Database Cleanup

Perform various cleanup operations on specific databases

DB Browser

The interface for various item manipulations

Dependency Injection Configuration

Check the configured services

EventQueue Statistics

An overview of the Event Queue

Fill DB – Sitecore Item Generator

Fill a database with dummy items

Install language

Install a new content language

Jobs Viewer

An overview of the jobs

Linq Scratch Pad

Execute custom search code


View and download Sitecore log files

Media Hash Generator

Generate hash values for dynamic image scaling URLs

Package Item

Make a package of items and their dependencies

Path Analyzer Utilities

Configure the Path Analyzer

Pipeline Profiler

An overview of pipeline execution

PublishQueue statistics

An overview of the Publish Queue

Raw Search

Search for the specific string in a database or in the file system

Rebuild Key Behavior Cache

Rebuild the Key Behavior Cache

Rebuild Reporting Database

Rebuild the Reporting database

Redeploy Marketing Data

Redeploy segments and maps for the Path Analyzer and Experience Analytics

Remove Broken Links

Remove broken links from a database

Rendering statistics

An overview of the performance of renderings

Restore Item

Restore items from the archive

Security Tools

Login and user management tools


Serialize and revert a database

Set Sitecore Application Center Endpoint

Change the endpoint address of the App Center

Show Config

Merge configuration files

Sql Shell

Use connection strings to execute SQL scripts

Support Package

Generate a package with support information

Unlock Admin

Unlock Admin user

Update Installation Wizard

Install Sitecore updates

User Info

Logged in user details




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