Sitecore Virtual Developer Day – USA 09:05 EST

Join us during the Sitecore Virtual Developer Day where the community and Sitecore share the highlights of the year 2017. A combination of the best sessions from worldwide User Groups, Sitecore Symposium and the SUGCON EU 2017 will be presented, including live Q&A. The Sitecore Virtual Developer Day is a 28 hours online event, starting in Australia on 09:00AM in Sydney and closing at 06:00PM in San Francisco. Continuing back-to-back throughout all time zones welcoming Asia, India, Europe and the Americas to the event, providing the opportunity for the global Sitecore community to join all session and ask your questions to the experts.

Learn and be inspired by what others have created with Sitecore:

•  Twelve carefully selected sessions with demos followed by a live Q&A for every session with Sitecore experts
•  Topics include new Sitecore 9 features like xConnect, Forms, Sitecore Install Framework
•  Learn more about Headless JavaScript Development, Dependency Injection, Modell Mapping, SXA Storefront and the Sitecore Azure Toolkit
•  See how the to integrate Sitecore with Microsoft Cognitive Services and how to leverage the omnichannel capabilities of Sitecore

Date: Thursday February 22nd
Time: 09:05 EST






Start Session
09:05 Welcome Americas
Pieter Brinkman
09:10 Utilizing Sitecore Forms to Trigger Goals and Identify Contacts
In this session, we demonstrate how to use Sitecore Forms to perform some out of the box – as well as custom – marketing features such as; triggering goals based on the form submission and creating a custom submit action to identify the contact filling the form out. We then demonstrate how this information can be used to personalize a component based on the completion of that form. During the demo, we dive into the code behind the magic of the custom submit action and showcase how to create a Forms Submit Action Editor dialogue out of SPEAK.
Pete Navarra
09:55 Q&A: Utilizing Sitecore Forms to Trigger Goals and Identify Contacts
10:10 A futuristic showcase of the omni-channel capabilities of Sitecore XP
After the great success during SUGCON 2017 and Symposium it’s time for the first Sitecore Robot to go Virtual. Meet Robbie a real robot that moves, interacts, communicates and executes tasks, fully driven by Sitecore XP, using additional techniques like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Face Recognition and Emotion Detection. It is a robot whose behavior is fully controlled by Sitecore xDB!
Rob Habraken
10:40 Sitecore Azure Toolkit Deepdive
Sitecore Azure Toolkit allows customers to package and deploy Sitecore solutions to Microsoft Azure and provides out-of-the-box integration with Azure services such as Application Insights, Redis Cache Service, and Azure Search. This session will show you how to package your own modules and implementations for deployment to Azure.
Tamas Varga
11:10 Q&A: Sitecore Azure Toolkit Deepdive
11:25 Leveraging xConnect API to interact with the xDB
With the release of Sitecore 9 the way you interact with the Sitecore Experience Database has changed. You can now read, write and search for any data stored in the xDB using a new API called xConnect. During this session we will leverage a showcase to guide you through a variety of the possiblities that xConnect offers.
Robert van den Boorn
11:55 Q&A: Leveraging xConnect API to interact with the xDB
12:10 Sitecore Cognitive Services: A more intelligent Sitecore
The age of intelligence is upon us. Find out how easy it is to integrate powerful machine learning tools into your Sitecore system to make it more intelligent. When Sitecore can understand your content, it can take action, make educated decisions and even talk back.
Mark Stiles
12:40 Headless JavaScript development
Learn about new options for working with Sitecore as a Headless CMS, while preserving our industry-leading marketing and authoring capabilities.
Nick Wesselman
13:25 Q&A: Headless JavaScript development
13:45 Sitecore Installation Framework – the why, the what and the how
The emerging microservice architecture of Sitecore 9 poses some new challenges when installing and configuring your topology. The Sitecore Installation Framework is a flexible toolkit which allows you to configure your on-premise Sitecore installations to fit your needs. During this talk, senior product manager Thomas Eldblom will tell you how.
Thomas Eldblom
14:30 Q&A: Sitecore Install Framework
14:45 Replace your complex ORM with Model Mapping!
Let’s take a look at an alternative solution to popular Sitecore ORM solutions like Glass. Model Mapping makes life much easier on the developer, and can be bolted onto any existing solution without causing conflicts.
Rick Cabral
15:25 Dependency Injection: A practical primer on DI & Sitecore Helix
Dependency injection, dependency inversion, SOLID, Helix, component-driven architecture; these are staples of modern software development.  You are probably already using some or all of these, but do you really understand how it works? Why it works?  This talk will expose “the man behind the curtain” in the magical wiring that is Dependency Injection.
Richard Hauer
16:10 SxA Storefront for Sitecore Experience Commerce 9
A walk through the new SxA Storefront module include as part of Sitecore Experience Commerce 9. This will give you an overview of the product and will demonstrate how easy it is build commerce pages using out of the box controls.
Rob Earlam
16:35 Q&A: SxA Storefront for Sitecore Experience Commerce 9
16:50 Sitecore Experience Accelerator
In this session you will learn how to use the latest version of SXA to build your websites. Learn about setting up the content infrastructure, re-use content and utilize Creative Exchange.
Mark van Aalst
17:35 Q&A: Sitecore Experience Accelerator
17:50 Sitecore Unit Testing Toolkit
Unit testing Sitecore? You can and you should; 5-time technology MVP Dan Solovay of Velir shows you how, with three approaches to putting Sitecore solutions under test.
Dan Solovay

Date: Thursday February 22nd
Time: 09:05 EST


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