Sitecore Media Essentials – Upcoming Updates

After an awesome session at our SUGBR ( Sitecore User Group Brasil, December 20th 2017 ) I managed to collect some interesting ideas to add new features to my Sitecore Media Essentials module.

Initially, Sitecore Media Essentials was written on C# Webforms. So the first update to the module will be to re-write it in MVC.

The feature called ‘Auto-fill Alt Tags’ received some well deserved attention. Probably the most interesting feature!

After uploading an image Sitecore leaves the ALT field blank so this feature gets the name of the image and it fills in the ALT field. Not bad but the suggestions were to use a feature from Microsoft that identifies what type of image this is and then fills in the ALT field.

This is certainly interesting so I will update this feature as well!

Other interesting feature that will be implemented is to compress the images to a specified size or percentage. This topic also was put on the table so it will certainly be implemented.

There are more features coming so make sure to follow  and also Sitecore Market Place for updates.

Participate! If you have ideas please get in touch! This module is for you 🙂

Here is a short list of next features coming:


  1. From Webforms to MVC
  2.  Auto-fill Alt Tags to get filled with proper image ‘identification’ rather then image name
  3. Identify nodes in the Media Library with more then 25 items
  4. Display SIZE of each media and total being used and not used
  5. Move unused media to specific folder
  6. Display ‘loading’ icon during processing


  1. Compress Images to a limited size or percentage
  2. List all pages where each media is referred
  3. List all media updated before/after specific date
  4. List all media with warning fields
  5. Identify images larger than specific size


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