What is the Sitecore MVP Award?

Interested in becoming a Sitecore Most Valuable Professional (MVP)?

Well, I am!

I recently found this tweet from @SitecoreMVP with really interesting information to put you right on track.

I copied the text below from here: https://sitecore.stackexchange.com/questions/5796/how-does-one-become-a-sitecore-mvp

This was answered and turned into a WIKI on Sitecore Stack by Mark Cassidy.

As usual if you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Good reading and good luck 🙂


What is the Sitecore MVP Award

  • The Sitecore MVP Award celebrates the most active Sitecore community members from around the world who provide valuable online and offline expertise that enriches the community experience and makes a difference.
  • Each year, the Sitecore Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Awards recognize individuals with a passion for sharing their knowledge and expertise through active participation in online and offline Sitecore communities.
  • Type of MVPs are: Technology, Digital Strategist, Commerce and Cloud

General Recommendations

  • One of the key things to remember with the MVP piece is around individual community involvement on a specific topic and that people can nominate for multiple categories. A big part of it comes down to the information they submit in their dossier as part of the review process.
  • The roll up of this was probably 5-10 hours per week of your personal time beyond day job, as well as hours for self-learning on top of this, but there can be an overlap as a large portion of the learnings became posts.


As an idea of what some of the MVPs do:

  • 6 hours most Saturdays writing blog posts/tutorials
  • Contributed to 2 or 3 open source projects a year
  • Answered questions for people outside of their own org on Stack Exchange and Twitter, probably averaging 1 or 2 a month
  • Participated in conversations on Twitter – would probably move this to the Sitecore community slack channels now
  • Organised user groups
  • Presented at conferences

General Suggestions

  • Keep up the good work month-by-month, not just around the MVP nomination period.
  • When you blog it is not only the quantity, but mainly the quality that matters. Before blogging about something please check if someone else has already written about that topic and reference it while adding something new to it.
  • Community.sitecore.net is our base where Sitecore enthusiasts are connected. We are upgrading it this year to deliver a better experience for everyone. Sitecore Slack channels have been there for you for more than a year, please be present in there also.
  • Sitecore Stack Exchange is the new opportunity for everyone to ask questions and to share your knowledge and experience.
  • If you can, consider contributing to an open source modules or start a new project yourself.
  • Being at User Groups or conferences are always great, but speaking is the real opportunity to share your expertise.

The Sitecore Community / Relevant Resources

Best reference to get involved with the community: How can I connect with the Sitecore Community?

See also: How to be Recommended to be a Sitecore MVP


The nomination is open from 1st November until 30th November. A nomination form needs to be filled in and you can get recommendation from existing MVPs and Sitecore employees.

From the 1st December multiple Sitecore teams and selected MVPs are reviewing the nominations. For new nomination existing MVPs review them first. Also Sitecore regional representatives are reviewing the applications. Then Sitecore product teams are reviewing them. At the end the MVP team is summarizing the results.

The MVP Award is usually announced at the end of January.

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