FREE Sitecore® Developer Foundations eLearning

If you are looking for a Sitecore training so here is your chance.

The “Sitecore® Developer Foundations eLearning” is available for FREE.

If you are new on Sitecore so this is a really good place to get started.

You will receive a temporary license so you can install Sitecore and do some exercises along the course.

If you are an experienced Sitecore developer then don`t underestimate  this course.

You will have the chance to review important Sitecore concepts.

Here is the what you will learn:


Course Outline:

Sitecore as an Experience Content Management System

  • Define an Experience Content Management System
  • Describe the features of a WCMS
  • State the three foundation pillars of a WCMS
  • Describe Sitecore’s architecture
  • Use basic Sitecore terminology
  • Identify the Sitecore applications and their users
  • Define roles that interact with Sitecore

Building the Site’s Data Infrastructure

  • Describe the template building blocks
  • Name the field types and their purpose
  • Give examples of how to use source fields
  • Apply template inheritance to new and existing templates
  • List what should be considered when applying inheritance to templates
  • Describe the purpose of the Standard template

Creating the Site’s Content Structure

  • Define a Sitecore item
  • Create content items based on templates
  • Use the Standard Values to set default values and settings
  • Explain the importance of insert options
  • Describe different content versioning options in Sitecore

Working with Sitecore Publishing

  • Use the publishing feature
  • Describe publishing options
  • Set publishing restrictions
  • Describe the purpose of the Core, Master and the Web database
  • Describe a publishing target

Creating and Applying Presentation

  • Explain the difference between inline-editable and non-editable field types
  • Create and apply presentation to a Sitecore item or Standard Values
  • Describe presentation details and their related definition items
  • Identify components in an HTML template
  • Use placeholders to dynamically bind components
  • Set up a control or component to target an item that is not the context item



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